Promotion Advice

  • 16th January 2019

Promote your unique event QR code and unique event link.

It is important to get as many of your guests to register to upload their videos and photos of your event as possible. So good promotion is key, you could promote the QR code and web address by by email, social media or with your event invites or on the day with posters and table place cards. You can even announce to your guests that you will be editing their videos and photos to have a ‘guests eye view’ of your event so ask them not to hold back and take lots of videos and photos and even to send you their video messages! This is a great modern alternative to leaving a disposable film camera at the table settings and will save you the film development costs, and you’ll get video!


Here is some example text to promote at your wedding:

If you would be so kind we would like all your videos and photos of our special day. We are using VidSnap to collect these.

Please scan the QR code with your phones camera or a QR code reader app or enter the unique event web address below. Then enter your name and email address on the web page. On registering you will be sent a link to simply upload your videos and photos of our day. A reminder will also be sent in a day or so.

The process is very simple and VidSnap will delete your details after the upload deadline.

We will then edit your videos and photos for a ‘guests eye view’ of the day so please don’t hold back from taking videos and photos and also sending us your video messages!

For 5 simple tips on how to take better video with your smart phone please go to:

[Don’t forget to add your unique QR code and unique link to the card]


A6 table card template for a wedding

You can download an A6 table card template here.


QR Code size for print

To ensure the QR code is easily scanned please make sure is it big enough on your printed items. Test it on any printers proof you receive.

Hand held items such as a card sent with the invite or table cards, no smaller than:
3cm x 3cm

For posters (This does depend on the size of the poster and the distance it is being scanned):
10-15cm x 10-15cm