Take Better Video with your phone

  • 30th November 2018

1: Clean the lens with a soft cloth.

…or your sleeve!


2: Film in landscape (horizontal).

Not essential but where possible!


3: Think about composition.

Place the subject or horizon on these imaginary lines!


4: Keep your phone steady.

Use both hands if you can, taking care not to cover the lens!


5: Short Clips.

10 second clips are good and no more than 20! This is not a hard and fast rule so if you want to film more of the first dance, for example, go for it!

If you are taking b-roll video then short clips are all that are needed.
Please see below for an explanation of b-roll.


Take some b-roll footage!

B-roll is the extra footage which helps to enrich the story and aides the smooth flow when editing between clips.

For example, if you are taking a video of guests at a table, take a close-up video of a glass of wine or of a floral display on the table. This can then be cut into the video when editing.